Work Refusal and Unemployment Failure Guideline

In the 2017–18 Budget the Australian Government announced the introduction of the Targeted Compliance Framework (TCF), commencing from 1 July 2018. The framework is designed to ensure only those job seekers who are persistently and wilfully non-compliant incur financial penalties while providing protections for the most vulnerable. It is designed to encourage job seekers to engage with their employment services provider (Provider), take personal responsibility for managing and meeting their Mutual Obligation Requirements, and actively look for work.

Where job seekers gain paid employment, they must take all steps possible to remain in the workforce and reduce their reliance and need for an Income Support Payment. There are financial consequences for work- and unemployment-related non-compliance. These penalties reinforce the principle that Income Support Payments for unemployed people should only be available to those who are genuine in their efforts to move into paid work.

Last modified on Wednesday 5 December 2018 [46096|153481]