Work Readiness Assessment Guideline

The primary aim of a Work Readiness Assessment is to measure Work Readiness Participant’s state of work readiness and open up a discussion with the Work Readiness Participant of how to address any barriers to becoming ready for work.

A person who is ‘work ready’ is defined in the ParentsNext 2018-2021 Deed (the Deed) as a person possessing behaviours required by Employers, including team work skills; communication skills and a positive attitude and work ethic, including motivation, reliability and a willingness to work.

In addition to helping shape the activities and assistance for Work Readiness Participants, the Work Readiness Assessment data will also produce a comprehensive profile of the ParentsNext target group, frame policy development and be used as part of the effectiveness Key Performance Indicator.

Last modified on Thursday 12 July 2018 [44886|117916]