New Employment Services Trial (NEST) – Enhanced Services Provider Payments

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The Trial payment model provides higher up-front payments to support intensive, tailored investment in Participants, as well as a continued focus on Employment Outcomes.  

The Enhanced Services payments covered in this Guideline are:

  • Engagement Fees paid on initial Enhanced Services commencement.
  • Progress Fees where a Participant’s employment prospects have improved through participation in vocational/non-vocational activities, work placements or the achievement of an Employment Outcome.
  • Progress in Service Bonus paid per Participant when a Participant moves to a less intensive level of Trial service.  
  • Employment Outcome Payments – achievement of 4, 12 and 26 Week Outcomes. 
  • Very Long Term Unemployment Bonus paid in addition to 12 Week or 26 Week Outcomes for Participants unemployed longer than 24 months.

Note: All payment amounts in this Guideline are inclusive of GST.

Last modified on Tuesday 19 November 2019 [47125|165059]