New Employment Services Trial (NEST) - Activity Management

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This Guideline outlines the requirements for setting up and managing Activities (other than Work for the Dole Activities, National Work Experience Programme Activities, and PaTH Internships except where stated). 
Participating in Activities helps Participants to improve their skills, motivation and dependability so they can find and keep a job. Activities can also develop a Participant’s ability to take directions from a Supervisor, work independently, communicate effectively, and work as part of a team.

The new employment services model is designed to encourage providers to innovate and deliver activities and services that support diverse pathways to employment. NEST Providers are strongly encouraged to make full use of this flexibility to develop and deliver custom activities tailored to Participants’ needs in addition to the formal Activities detailed in this Guideline.

Last modified on Tuesday 7 July 2020 [47117|166846]