New Employment Services Trial - Managing PaTH Internships

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A PaTH Internship (‘internship’) gives a young person aged 17–24 years (inclusive) the chance to demonstrate their skills in the workplace to a potential employer, develop vocational skills and improve their employment prospects. 

For employers, hosting an internship is an opportunity to trial an intern in a structured work experience placement to see if they are the right fit for their business. 
Internships are available to eligible participants who are: 

  • in Digital Services for a period of six months or more, or
  • in Digital Services and have participated in Employability Skills Training, or 
  • are registered with Enhanced Services Providers.

Each internship is voluntary and is undertaken for 30 to 50 hours per fortnight over four to 12 weeks. An internship provides financial incentives to the NEST Provider, host business and participant. 

The Provider, host business and participant work together to create an internship that meets the needs of the business and suits the participant’s skills, experience and interests. 

Before starting an internship, the Provider, host business and participant must agree to the terms of the internship and sign a PaTH Internship Agreement. The Provider is also required to complete a risk assessment for each placement before the young person commences. 

Participants are not required to undertake PaTH Employability Skills Training before starting an internship. 

This Guideline is for Enhanced Services Providers who are involved in managing PaTH internships. For detailed IT steps, Providers must refer to the Managing PaTH Internships IT Supporting Document.

Last modified on Tuesday 19 November 2019 [47126|165060]