New Employment Service Trial (NEST) - Targeted Compliance Framework: Work Refusal and Unemployment Failures

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Under the Targeted Compliance Framework (TCF), there are consequences for Participants if they commit a Work Refusal Failure or an Unemployment Failure. A Participant commits a Work Refusal Failure when they refuse or fail to accept an offer of suitable Employment.

A Participant commits an Unemployment Failure when they become unemployed either:

• as a direct or indirect result of a voluntary act (unless Services Australia is satisfied that the voluntary act was reasonable); or
• as a result of their misconduct as an employee.

Broadly speaking, if a Participant commits:

• a Work Refusal Failure, their Income Support Payment is suspended and will be cancelled if they do not have a Reasonable Excuse; or
• an Unemployment Failure, their Income Support Payment will be cancelled. 
If a Participant’s Income Support Payment is cancelled, then it cannot be paid for four weeks.

These penalties reinforce the principles that:

• Income Support Payments for Participants should only be available to those who are genuine in their efforts to move into paid work; and
• where Participants gain Employment, they must take all reasonable steps to remain in the workforce, and reduce their reliance and need for an Income Support Payment. 

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