Managing National Work Experience Programme Activities Guideline

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The National Work Experience Programme (NWEP) provides eligible job seekers with the opportunity to undertake real life work experience placements. It helps people to gain experience and confidence, while demonstrating their skills to potential employers.

Under the NWEP, jobactive, Disability Employment Service and Transition to Work (TtW) Providers may provide or Broker up to a maximum of four (4) weeks of unpaid work experience.

Before starting an NWEP Activity, the Provider, Activity Host Organisation and job seeker must agree to the terms of the NWEP Activity and sign a Work Experience Activity Agreement. The Provider is also required to complete a risk assessment for each job seeker and NWEP Activity.

NWEP Activities are available to all eligible participants in jobactive, TtW and Disability Employment Services.

This guideline is for jobactive and TtW Providers only. 

Last modified on Thursday 9 July 2020 [46715|166869]