Servicing Participants with Challenging Behaviours Guideline

If you have trouble accessing this document, please contact the Department to request a copy in a format you can use.

This Guideline provides information for Providers (jobactive Providers, NEST Providers, ParentsNext Providers, New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) Providers, Harvest Labour Services (HLS) Providers and Transition to Work (TtW) Providers) on the servicing of Participants with challenging behaviours. It also sets out requirements and provides information for lodging Incident Reports in the Department’s IT system, as well as information for NEIS Providers and HLS Providers that use manual/paper based processes.

The aim of the policy is to give Providers guidance on how to continue delivering services to Participants with challenging behaviours without risking their staff, Participants or property, while ensuring that Participants meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements and remain connected with services. This Guideline also assists Providers to identify and report challenging behaviours that Participants display.

Providers need to adapt the strategies that are outlined here to suit their particular circumstances. This Guideline should supplement, not replace, existing internal operational policies and procedures. Providers are responsible for informing themselves of their legal obligations and ensuring compliance with obligations.

Last modified on Thursday 14 November 2019 [34785|164997]