Capability Interviews

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The Capability Interview is a key component of the Targeted Compliance Framework (TCF). Capability Interviews provide additional protection for vulnerable Participants. The purpose of the Capability Interview is to determine whether a Participant’s Job Plan is suitable for the Participant. A Job Plan will be suitable for a Participant if the Mutual Obligation Requirements specified in their Job Plan are appropriate to the Participant’s circumstances and the Participant is capable of meeting them.

The Capability Interview provides an additional opportunity for Providers to actively engage with their Participants to identify any undisclosed issues and help them to meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements. This includes reviewing the Participant’s Mutual Obligation Requirements set out in their Job Plan to ensure they are appropriate for the Participant’s level of capability and individual circumstances, as well as giving consideration to services and support that may be appropriate to assist the Participant to meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements and move towards an employment outcome. 

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