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Document List

  • Report on employers providing work experience or work trials. Findings based on the Department of Employment’s Survey of Employers’ Recruitment Experiences.

  • This Job Plan template is for Transition to Work participants who are receiving income support and have Mutual Obligation requirements. It sets out the activities a participant has agreed to undertaken whilst in Transition to Work.

  • This Job Plan template is for Transition to Work participants who are not receiving income support and do not have Mutual Obligation requirements. It sets out the activities a participant has agreed to undertaken whilst in Transition to Work.

  • A PaTH Internship (‘internship’) gives a young person aged 17–24 years (inclusive) the chance to demonstrate their skills in the workplace to a potential employer, develop vocational skills and improve their employment prospects.

    For employers, hosting an internship is an opportunity to trial an intern in a structured work experience...

  • Wage Subsidies are a financial incentive to encourage Employers to hire eligible Participants in ongoing jobs by contributing to the initial costs of hiring a new employee. Wage Subsidies can help to build a business and give Employers greater flexibility in their hiring options.

    This Guideline covers information for Providers managing...

  • Participants are generally expected to participate in Transition to Work Services for 25 hours per week for up to 12 months. Providers work with Participants to set an appropriate mix of Activities or Services to support full participation in Transition to Work Services. Providers are required to ensure Participants are aware of and meet the...

  • The Service Period is the time a Participant spends in Transition to Work. It is affected by periods of Suspension and when Participants are Exited.

    Suspensions are periods when Participants are not required to participate in Transition to Work services unless they volunteer to do so. Participants may be Exited if they no longer wish to...

  • There are five types of payments available to Transition to Work Providers:

    • Upfront Payments;
    • Bonus Outcome Payments;
    • Sustainability Outcome Payments;
    • PaTH Internship Outcome Payments; and
    • Seasonal Work Incentive Payments.

    Outcome Performance Targets are the benchmark for Provider...

  • Transition to Work Providers have their performance regularly monitored and assessed by the department. Use of funded Places, Outcome Performance Targets, Key Performance Indicators and commitments in the Service Guarantee and Service Delivery Plans are the focus of Transition to Work contract monitoring and assessment.

  • This Guideline assists jobactive providers, Transition to Work Project providers, Employability Skills Training providers, Empowering Youth Initiatives providers, Time to Work Employment Service providers, ParentsNext providers, Transitions Services Panel (TSP) Members and Career Transition Assistance providers with notifying and obtaining...

  • Transition to Work Providers offer intensive pre-employment support to young people to improve their work readiness and assist them into work (including Apprenticeships or Traineeships) or education. The services provided by the Transition to Work Provider must be detailed in the Provider’s Service Delivery Plan.

    Providers must avoid...

  • The Seasonal Work Incentives Trial is aimed at increasing the number of eligible job seekers who undertake horticultural seasonal work. The incentives available under the Trial are:

    • A Provider Seasonal Work Incentive Payment of $100 per week for up to six weeks for providers who place eligible job seekers with eligible Employers....
  • This Guideline provides information for Providers (jobactive Providers, ParentsNext Providers, New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) Providers, Harvest Labour Services (HLS) Providers and Transition to Work (TtW) Providers) on the servicing of individuals with challenging behaviours. It also sets out requirements and provides information for...

  • Participants may transfer between Transition to Work Providers for a range of reasons. Transfers can be automatic or involve a manual process and can be initiated by the Participant or a Transition to Work Provider.

    Transfer arrangements support continuity of servicing when Participants change Location.

  • A strategy for evaluating the Transition to Work (TtW) service. It contains a description of the service and outlines evaluation questions and reporting timelines for the evaluation. It discusses the analytical approach for the evaluation and how the evaluation will be managed.

  • Transition to Work supports young people to improve their work readiness skills and assists them into employment (including apprenticeships or traineeships) or education. Providers engage and work with Employers to understand their needs and ensure Participants are equipped to meet those needs.

    By supporting Participants and working with...

  • All Participants should have an accurate Assessment which reflects their current circumstances so they can be referred to and receive the Employment Services most appropriate to their needs to help them to gain employment and move from welfare to work.

    The Job Seeker Classification Instrument (JSCI) is an interview based questionnaire...

  • This Guideline helps Transition to Work Providers identify whether a young person is eligible for Direct Registration into the Transition to Work Service and provides details of the requirements for Direct Registration of eligible young people.

    Eligible young people may seek to participate in Transition to Work without going to Services...

  • Transition to Work targets three groups of young people considered at risk of long-term unemployment. This guideline outlines the eligibility of the three Participant groups, the referral and commencement process, as well as group-specific considerations. Referrals from Transition to Work back to jobactive are also covered.

  • Transition to Work is a new service to support young people aged 15-21 on their journey to employment.

    The Transition to Work service has a strong focus on practical intervention and work experience to build a young person’s skills, confidence and readiness to engage in employment.


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