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1. Do you consider that occupations need to be added to the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)?


2. Do you consider that occupations need to be added to the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)?


3. Do you consider that occupations need to be removed from the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSSL) or the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)?


What occupations should be removed from the MLTSSL or the STSOL?

234914 Physicist
251212 Medical Radiation Therapist
251213 Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Please outline the evidence or data that would support these occupations being removed from the MLTSSL or STSOL.

I have worked for a university that offers undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in medical radiation physics. I know that the number of students enrolling for these courses is low compared to other science courses because this is a demanding field of study.(less than 50 a year on average)
There is also a continual community and government dialogue about the need for Australia to promote STEM because this is the future.
What I know now is that despite the relatively low number of graduates there are virtually no jobs in this field. A recent job with The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne quoted " a rare entry level position" because positions are virtually non existent across the country.
Why then are the roles above listed on the Skills List? I know that Australia has increased its migration levels and skilled workers are the key to future prosperity. However this area of science offers virtually no employment opportunities (a few roles with ANSTO) for domestic students.
I know this first hand because my son and fellow university class mates are now looking at jobs outside science where there is employment. I speak of students who have Distinction average and first class honours qualifications. University lecturers unwittingly agree there are no jobs.
I understand now that the government would like people to study in STEM but go and set up businesses. There needs to be the ability to work first as how many have the capital to start new enterprises.
As a data analyst I am happy to provide statistical data and quantitative information to support this case. However I think the Department knows there are no jobs in this field. I like others in tertiary education believe the jobs are on the skills list because migrants who apply with this qualification have economic means because they have come from educated and financially sound backgrounds.
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