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Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) is the peak industry body that represents the meetings and event sector.

In 2017 MEA carried the first survey into skills shortages in the events industry that was submitted to the Australian Government as part of the review of the Skills Occupation List.

In 2018 MEA has carried a second survey of the events industry to measure the trends is skills shortages and to identify any changes in the shortages in the occupations in the industry sector.

The findings of this survey indicates that the industry is still experiencing serious shortages in event managers at both the mid and senior levels and that there is an increase in these shortages on the previous year's data as follows:
2017 Event Management Mid level 22.46%
2018 Event Management Mid level 28.09%
Increase of 5.63%
2017 Event Management Senior level 19.57%
2018 Event Management Senior level 21.35%
Increase of 1.78%

There has also been an increase in shortages for Event Management Entry level of 2.61%.

The findings also indicated that the constraints in recruiting business events staff were as follows:
Lack of solid experience /track record
Overall shortage of suitable candidates

This indicates a skills shortage in the conference and event management sector which is effecting businesses and in particular small businesses. Further data showed that 62% of businesses indicated that the skills shortages is already impacting their ability to recruit which was a 15% increase on the research in 2017.

The research indicated that the lack of skilled workers was a major cause of skills shortages (58.43%).

3. Do you consider that occupations need to be added to or removed from the Regional Occupation List (ROL)?

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