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212312 Director (Film or Television or Radio or Stage)

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For the past three years we have documented the importation of foreign directors for television commercial production. Over 50 foreign directors have been allowed to enter the country to director television commercials for local companies. This is in spite of the availability of many experienced and internationally award winning Australian directors being available to carry out this work. In one case the production company brought the director in on a tourist visa and tried to conceal the fact by hiring a fake director. This was reported to the Department of Immigration at the time and the company were cautioned.

This area of work is vital for the professional development and long term career prospects of our talented directors. Those who have used commercials to build their careers include PHILLIP NOYCE, FRED SCHEPISI, GARTH DAVIS, GILLIAN ARMSTRONG, KRIV STENDERS, BAZ LUHRMANN and many more. If access to other markets for our directors were the same as Australia we would not deem it to be a problem but restriction in other English speaking markets such as the UK and USA mean we do not have an even playing field internationally.

We have estimated that up to 30% of working Australian directors have been deprived of work due to the influx of foreign directors (Names, nationalities and commercials directed are available on request). In come cases these directors arrive within days of applying for the appropriate Visas even though they do not pass the Net Employment Benefit (NEB) Test.

We are in jeopardy of reducing the number of Australian directors who can work professionally in Australia depriving Australian audiences of the stories that reflect Australian culture and the work that other professionals in the screen industry rely upon.

Simply put if we are able to restrict the importation of foreign directors for screen production we would increase the employment of Australian directors and continue to develop our unique screen culture. A good example of this is the directors of LION, the multi-award winning Oscar nominated film director by Garth Davis who developed his career in television commercial directing in Australia. Without this pathway he would not have been able to direct this outstanding and important Australian film.

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