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1. Are there additional labour market factors, for which there are national datasets available (ideally aligned to 6-digit ANZSCO occupation level), that are relevant to future refinements to the Departmentʼs analysis and methodology?

What is the frequency of data release?

1. The Housing Industry Association produces a quarterly Trades Report. The HIA Trades Report provides a quarterly review of the availability of skilled trades and any price pressures on trades operating in the residential building industry. Specifically, the report considers the supply conditions with respect to individual skilled trade categories across Australia’s five mainland states as well as the corresponding price changes. The HIA Trades report covers thirteen skilled trades: bricklaying; carpentry; ceramic tiling; electrical; general building; joinery; landscaping; ‘other’ trades; painting; plastering; plumbing; roofing; site preparation.

2. The Department is also seeking submissions on suitable datasets that are disaggregated by region. Please provide details if you are aware of such a dataset, including whether it is aligned to ANZSCO occupations and how often the dataset is updated.

2. The HIA Trade Availability indices provide a measure of the overall shortage or surplus of skilled trades for ten geographical areas: the five mainland capital cities; and the five non-metropolitan regions of the five mainland states. The HIA places high importance on the analysis and measurement of relative differences in residential building conditions between states. The HIA Trades Report provides the only measures of trade availability across states available in Australia. HIA notes the Caveats section of the Consultation Paper – Methodology and supports the Department of Employment exploring sources of reliable data below the national level.

3. Is there any other advice or evidence that the Department should consider in its review of the methodology?

HIA recommends that the HIA Trades Report be considered as a secondary data source within the overall methodology for the Skilled Migration Occupation List.
HIA Trades Report for the June 2017 quarter is attached. The complete history for the HIA Trade Availability indices dates back to the September 2003 quarter. Any enquiries specifically related to the HIA Trades Report can be directed to HIA Principal Economist – Tim Reardon on 02 6245 1355 or at t.reardon@hia.com.au
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