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1. Are there additional labour market factors, for which there are national datasets available (ideally aligned to 6-digit ANZSCO occupation level), that are relevant to future refinements to the Departmentʼs analysis and methodology?

What is the frequency of data release?

ISA believe there are other factors, but these are not related to available national datasets.

2. The Department is also seeking submissions on suitable datasets that are disaggregated by region. Please provide details if you are aware of such a dataset, including whether it is aligned to ANZSCO occupations and how often the dataset is updated.

ISA does not have any information regarding disaggregation by region.

3. Is there any other advice or evidence that the Department should consider in its review of the methodology?

The Innovation, Science and Australia (ISA) Board would welcome the opportunity for direct engagement with your Department on this issue, including through participation in future reviews of the skilled migration occupation lists.

ISA appreciates the government’s willingness to respond to ISA and other stakeholder feedback regarding changes to the skilled occupation lists in April 2017, starting with the reintroduction of 36 occupations on 1 July 2017 (including science, management and ICT-related) to the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and Medium to Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

The Board are particularly pleased to see consideration of occupations which have been identified as supporting Australia’s science and innovation agenda in your current methodological review. They are separately providing their advice about occupations they believe contribute to the innovation and science agenda via the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

ISA’s Performance Review of the Australian Innovation, Science and Research (ISR) System found that Australia’s desirable lifestyle opportunities represent a significant competitive advantage in recruiting the highly skilled talent the Australian ISR system needs. Therefore ISA’s recommendation is for individuals with skills relevant to the innovation and science agenda to have access to the MLTSSL in preference to the STSOL. ISA believe the STSOL (two years, renewed once) will be insufficient incentive for world-class talent to choose Australia as a place to work and live.

ISA believe the current occupation-list system is constrained by drawing on historic data, and linked to a field of occupation over an individual’s skills and experience. The growing field of data science (supporting ‘big data’) is one example of a rapidly evolving field where domestic experience has had limited opportunity to develop and may therefore need to be supplemented with international experience. In addition, the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) is unable to identify entrepreneurs – both professionals and experts – who are critical to the development of innovative ideas into commercial realities. ISA would be happy to work with you to identify entrepreneur-like occupations.

As an alternative (or supplement) to the skilled occupations list, ISA recommends a salary threshold (of $180,000 per annum) as a proxy indicator of employer demand, with an initial quota of 100 places. This recommendation has been raised in ISA’s recent submission to the Transforming Australia’s visa system review, which I am happy to share with you on request.

Regarding new approaches to the skilled occupation lists raised in your methodological review consultation paper, ISA commend the proposed traffic light system as it will help them and their stakeholders to more easily track occupations included in, or moved from, the new temporary (STSOL) and longer term (MLTSSL) lists.
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