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Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) is the peak representative organisation in the events sector with more than 520 member organisations and individuals. The Australia events industry is made up of a diverse range of products and services based companies including event management, venues, hotels, audio visual production companies, exhibition organisers and supply companies, marketing and communication companies.

The value of the events sector to the Australian economy can be based on research carried out in 2014 by the Business Events Council of Australia that reported this sector contributed $30.2 billion to Australian economy and employed more than 190,000 people in each of these sectors.

In March 2017 MEA carried out research across all sectors of the industry to identify and determine the extent of any skills gaps that exist in the industry to enable it to better plan and provide education and training to up-skill the workforce.

The Australian Workplace Skills Survey for the Events Industry Sector was the first of its kind into the events sector and was distributed to more 650 companies and individuals operating in the events sector. There was a 25% response to the survey from the industry which was made up as follows:
Event Management companies -28%
Venues -21%
Hotels - 11%
Audio visual companies -10%
Exhibition management and supply companies - 10%
Convention Bureaux - 4%
Events Information technology companies - 3%
Education providers - 3%
Marketing - 2%

The survey found there were shortages in the following skills areas:

1. Event Management (middle level)
2. Sales Executives
3. Event Management (senior level)
4. Business Development
5. Technicians

The research found that there was an overall lack of candidates in all of these areas and the level of skills of applicants did not meet the requirements of the roles required to be filled.

The events industry is experiencing a general lack of high quality skills with 64% of companies that completed the survey looking to hire more staff.

One in two of the responses reported that the skills shortage is already impacting their businesses and their ability to recruit skilled workers.

Further anecdotal research confirmed that IT organisations were having difficulty in recruiting appropriate skills and were having further difficulty obtaining work visas for candidates to fill these positions.

Skills required for the event industry include:
Event management that requires strong administrative, financial management and communication skills
Sales and business development that requires strong communication and customer relationship skills
Technicians - IT requires the technical skills to develop software and IT support
Technicians - Audio visual technical skills for sound, lighting and video production

MEA has reviewed the current ANZSCO occupations list and supports the removal of occupations such as lighting technician and sales related skills from the list.
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