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252411 Occupational Therapist


1. Are there additional labour market factors, for which there are national datasets available (ideally aligned to 6-digit ANZSCO occupation level), that are relevant to future refinements to the Departmentʼs analysis and methodology?

What is the frequency of data release?

The OTC has provided data to the Department of Education and Training in relation to skills assessment. The latest data report is attached herewith. Also attached are the OTC’s statistics which gives more breakdown in relation to countries and gender maintained on an annual basis.
The OTC also has information relating to the age of practitioners seeking skilled migration, and this is also attached.

2. The Department is also seeking submissions on suitable datasets that are disaggregated by region. Please provide details if you are aware of such a dataset, including whether it is aligned to ANZSCO occupations and how often the dataset is updated.

Data from our database is attached to demonstrate where practitioners have completed their period of supervised practice leading to general registration to practise independently.

3. Is there any other advice or evidence that the Department should consider in its review of the methodology?

The OTC has two employers who are seeking to employ occupational therapists and the OTC, with their permission, provides their details to overseas trained practitioners.
Anecdotal information indicates occupational therapists are and will continue to be in high demand giving the aging population in particular, not only in the metropolitan areas but also in rural locations.
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Yes (see attachments)

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